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Thread: AV Arcade 5.5.1 released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Wolf View Post
    Yea Im afraid the same has happened for me. I can only add links thru the front end at this time
    I added many links from admin panel. We just need to enter the submitter ID while submitting. I'm still on 5.5 thinking to upgrade soon, worried about any changes that would happen to my template and av files. This would be my first upgrade.
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    Hi, how do I upgrade AVA from 5.4.6 to 5.5.1?

    I tried to install 5.5.1 over 5.4.6 was a mistake -

    AV Arcade: New install
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    In the installer you have a choice of what to click. Don't click 'new install' click 'Upgrade from v5.4'.

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