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Thread: 500 internal server error on installation

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    Default 500 internal server error on installation

    Hi, just bought the script, trying to install it but im getting internal server error, deleted the htaccess file, still not working, would appreciate any help.

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    I'd suggest reuploading the files

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    Hi Andy

    What should that help?

    I tried several times in both Ubuntu and Centos with different versions of PHP and still getting 500 errors on the new version 6 but 5 install just fine.

    I just tried again with php 5.6 if you have any idea solve the 500 error on installation of the newest version please tell your customer else stop sell it until you have a solution and it actually works.


    It actually works just the documentation that not good enough

    Use attributes in FTP for all folders to 777 775 is not enough


    Another problem just came up i give up on this script it's hard work all the way installing games is also not work as supposed when using feeds

    and after 3 days of headache it solved to install without error 500 and then another problems come up

    No route found for "GET /default-category/fold" (from "http://domain.tld/admin/?task=manage_games")

    I give up delete and goodbye can i have my money back?
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