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    Mind jolt has made it so they can keep track of scores on there site. how can we do this?
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    Mind jolt has made it so they can keep track of scores on there site. how can we do this?
    **Edit.. Ah Ha I see what your talking about now. I looked below the game and saw what you are asking about. I am almost positive this is still something in the Mochiads leaderboards. I've been doing alot of looking into how to customize their leaderboard widgets. According to what they are saying this is not suppose to be very hard. So far I have been able to get a board looking pretty cool but it wont show any scores at all . I think what they got happening at MindJolt is someone that understood Mochi gobbley gook. It is worth at trip to Mochi and look into how to customize the Mochi Bridge and leaderboards. There is also a way for the scoreboards to be logged in when the member logs into the site. - Before you ask, No I dont know how to do it. I'm trying to figure it out but I dont code so its really a bitch.

    Mochiads highscore games. See, you DO have highscore games and the scores are tracked. If you use Mochi Games. It does require your visitors to signup for an account. But that one account will follow them to any arcade on the internet that has Mochiads games.

    If you add my Mochi Bridge mod it will show only scores from your site or network. It should be noted too, that the bridge will make the INGAME score boards local. You will have to add another seperate leaderboard to show universal or "world" scores.
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