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Thread: PROSPLEX FOR MEN - The "golden" formula for the treatment of prostate hypertrophy

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    Lightbulb PROSPLEX FOR MEN - The "golden" formula for the treatment of prostate hypertrophy

    PROSPLEX FOR MEN - The "golden" formula for the treatment of prostate hypertrophy

    Prosplex for men - With a superior formula containing a high-end 9-component combination, studied by leading brand experts Olympian Labs from the US. Help prevent and support treatment of maximum prostate hypertrophy.

    "GOLD" formula in Prosplex for men
    Contains an ingredient that helps reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and pain, and prevent prostate enlargement and prevent relapse
    Prosplex For Men with composition combination from:
    - Saw Palmetto Extract (North American dwarf palm extract): Helps inhibit enzyme 5α - Reductase, is the enzyme that converts Hormone Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone to hinder the production of Estrogen and Progesterone, causing prostatic hypertrophy.
    - Cherry tree bark extract (Pygeum Extract): Helping effectively reduce tumor size, against prostate tumor growth
    In addition, ingredients such as Quercetin, Lycopen Tomato, Selenium, zinc, vitamin D, Pumpkin Seed help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and other sensations that are uncomfortable because of enlarged prostate gland.
    Provide adequate indispensable components in sperm production process, reduce hypertrophy, prevent prostate cancer
    Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency will lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Prosplex for yeast contains Vitamin D absorbed from the sun to increase the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood, contributing to reducing the risk of effective erectile dysfunction.
    Zinc: Zinc is capable of stimulating the production of a protein that "paralyzes" cadmium, a dangerous agent that causes prostate cancer. Therefore, zinc is included in the Prosplex For Men product, which is extremely good for men in maintaining prostate health, ensuring the dose of male sex hormones and physiological health.
    Selenium: A trace mineral that functions similarly to an antioxidant. Without selenium, healthy sperm cannot be born. Prosplex For Men contains selenium that directly supplements this important mineral to the body, increasing semen volume and fertility in men.

    Product contains a large amount of ingredients Saw Palmetto Extract (Dwarf Palm Extract)
    - The effect of dwarf palms with hypertrophy and prostate fibrosis has been confirmed by the FDA (United States), introduced into the US Pharmacopoeia and the national treatment regimen for dwarf palm active ingredients to treat hypertrophy hypertrophy paralysis.
    - A 2012 study conducted in Switzerland analyzed 82 patients in an 8-week trial; The patient used a 320 milligrams capsule that extracted palmetto daily. At the end of treatment, the international prostate symptom decreased from 14.4 4.7 to 6.9 5.2. Researchers and patients' evaluations have confirmed good efficacy, especially in reducing nocturia with more than 90% of patients reporting decreased.
    Use Prosplex for men
    - Support against prostate enlargement (hypertrophy), reduce urinary retention.
    - Support to prevent and reduce prostatitis.
    - Supporting prostate cancer prevention in men, inhibiting prostate cancer cell development.
    - Enhance male physiological ability, improve sexual function.
    - Enhance health fostering for men and improve body resistance.

    Maintain good habits to minimize the risk of prostate enlargement
    - Drink enough 1.5 - 2l of water / day to remove residue from the outside, not to urinate too long, keep the genitals clean.
    - Absolute hypertrophy of prostate patients give up alcohol, beer, do not eat hot spicy food (pepper, chili, ginger).
    - Healthy sex, clean the genitals before and after sex.
    - Exercise regime: In addition to the diet, men need to combine with exercises to improve health and prevent diseases effectively. Exercise for 30 minutes every day, train students or play light sports, suitable for their own health such as swimming, jogging, walking ...
    - Have a proper diet, provide adequate fiber for the body: According to nutrition experts, the use of fiber-rich foods is classified into 2 types, soluble fiber and fiber insoluble, helps inhibit carcinogenic activity in prostate cells and prevents the formation of polyps. Foods with soluble fiber such as apples, oranges, tangerines, potatoes, oats, peas ... Insoluble fiber: broccoli, green beans, strawberries, bananas and pears.

    See more product details: Here
    Hotline: 1800 8155
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