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Thread: Good Bye

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    Default Good Bye has been down for over 1 week which is not normal for them. Do you think thier gone for good? share your thoughts below.

    Do you think the arcade industry is dead?

    Also no big updates this year after launch of ava 6 ?

    any updates coming andy?


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    It's sad

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    The arcade industry as you call it has been dead for years. Adobe flash is ending in 2020.
    My guess is that arcades will be a thing of the past at that point.
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    Not sure if TA is gone or if they do not realize the site is down for over a month.
    Anyways i created a new Arcade Webmasters Forum =>
    Drop bye if you want.

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    Yeah the beautiful world of arcades is gone, i cannot believe how stupid one can be , those physics games, coloring games, puzzles games, shooting games of zombies were so good and smooth and we killed it all for greed of some, most of today's apps cannot even come close to that ... so sad to see TA shutdown, so sad , i was a member there since 2010 but any ways things do change ...

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