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    Hi guys,

    I started Vactual Papers ( in February 2016 with a passion for all things images. I gave the site as much time as I could but now it is getting more and more difficult to keep the website updated.

    Therefore I have decided to put it on sale.

    In its current state, the website has more than ...

    12,00 Desktop Wallpapers
    6,500 Material Design Wallpapers
    1,200 Exclusive Backgrounds
    3,900 HD Mobile Wallpapers

    There is plenty of customization done to the AVSCRIPT, so if you want to use mobiles wallpaper section as well, you will have to have both the linceses ... I used Wallpapers and Images module ... Images module is used for mobile wallpapers section.

    The menu and slider use third party scripts ... the menu items are manually added.

    The website is to be sold as is ... you will have to customize it to your liking if you want ...

    The domain is included but you will have to guide me in transfer as I am not much familiar with the process.

    The asking price is USD650.

    Contact me for more details.

    (Please note that this DOES NOT include AVSCRIPT licenses.)
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    I am also selling Vactual Papers official Android app ....

    33 Wallpaper Categories
    More than 4,000 HD Wallpapers
    Push Notification Option through Firebase
    Google Admob support
    Backend Admin Panel for Categories and Wallpapers Management

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