In this article, we will give our opinion on how WooCommerce related products feature could be improved for even better conversion, and how you can add a few tweaks to your site to increase more online sales with upselling & cross-selling.

Consider if a few tweaks below are added to your website to recommend related products:

Upsells and cross-sells are offered in popup form instead of static form: they will be more interactive and motivating to talk customers into spontaneous buying
Offer discount if customers purchase upsell & cross-sell items: customers will be willing to spend more if they can buy regular items at discount price
The ability to cross-sell in value combo by bundling products into package/kit that are sold at a total discount.
Segmentize related products into different types of personalized recommendation: best seller, recently viewed, featured products, recommendations based on cart, etc. your upsell, cross-sell, and product recommendations can be improved?

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