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Thread: 404 Error on My site

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    Default 404 Error on My site

    I installed avcms 6 I get error 404 not found in the links and pages.

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    It looks like you got it fixed. In the future, please link your license for support:
    Wherever possible, please use the forum to ask for support rather than sending me a PM
    I help where I can with code changes/modification but overall: if the script doesn't do something you want it to do, please suggest it for a future update.

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    How often should you check for 404 errors?

    You should be checking your 404s at least once every month and on a bigger site, every week. It doesnít really depend on how much visitors you have but much more on how much content you have and create and how much can go wrong because of that. The first time you start looking into and trying to fix your 404 error pages you might find out that there are a lot of them and it can take quite a bit of timeÖ Try to make it a habit so youíll at least find the important ones quickly.

    The HTTP 503 service unavailable server blunder reaction code shows that the server isn't prepared to deal with the demand.
    Normal causes are a server that is down for upkeep or that is over-burden. Note that together with this reaction, an easy to use page clarifying the issue ought to be sent. This reactions ought to be utilized for impermanent conditions and the Retry-After HTTP header should, if conceivable, contain the assessed time for the recuperation of the administration.
    Storing related headers that are sent alongside this reaction ought to be dealt with, as a 503 status is frequently an impermanent condition and reactions ought to typically not be reserved.
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    i have same problem.
    دستگاه cnc

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