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Thread: My sites are down. Web host Snoork lost everyone's back up data

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    Default My sites are down. Web host Snoork lost everyone's back up data

    Hi, Snoork lost everyone's backup data for everything and they are temporarily discontinuing web shared hosting due to server issues so they want everyone to switch to VPS. I haven't made a backup in about a year due to personal issues so I won't have people's arcade links that was made after that time. I'll have to check my history and this forum to see who have my link. I have to also rely on the web archives to get back some or most of my content. I'll have to change hosting but I don't even know which host accepts all of av scripts. I'll have to search for the proper host.

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    Sorry to hear about that Holly, I hope you can find a better host and get up-and-running again!
    Wherever possible, please use the forum to ask for support rather than sending me a PM
    I help where I can with code changes/modification but overall: if the script doesn't do something you want it to do, please suggest it for a future update.

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