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Thread: Can AV Arcade be tested on local server? Does mobile version show Flash also?

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    Default Can AV Arcade be tested on local server? Does mobile version show Flash also?

    Hi guys.

    This script looks good on demo and I'm planning to buy it. But, I have two questions:
    1. When I purchase the script, can I develop and test website on local server (WAMP, for example) before going to the production? I want to make a new version of my existing website, but I don't want to mess with live website until I tested everything since I have 3,000 daily visitors. If so, what would be the smoothest way to publish from local server to live version?
    2. Does this script automatically filter out games that can not be displayed on visitor's device? For example, if I publish Flash and HTML5 games for desktop, will Flash content be hidden if visitor comes from mobile?


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    1. Yes you can test locally as much as you need!

    2. The main browsing of games is filterable by 'mobile-only' games. By default the homepage and other sections don't filter out.

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