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Thread: Is anyone using cloudgames?

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    Default Is anyone using cloudgames?

    So I'm looking at getting back into an arcade and the age-old question of putting a couple of dollars into the back pocket comes to mind.

    I see mochimedia have shut down.
    I came across which seems to be something similar. Has anyone had any experience with this network and do they pay alright?
    Or has the idea of getting paid from someone playing someone elses game gone out the window and you now have to rely solely on your own advertising networks?

    Also if anyone wants to add some tips to monetization I'd be appreciative also. I see adsense is now out for ingame ads. I assume they are still ok for the main site (Obviously I'll check out their terms again before considering it) What other networks pay well for either ad space on the main site or in game ads? I've come across a few lists but not many reviews or recommendations from gamesite owners.

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    Dear proxpromo, can you give me more information about your "tips"?

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    Could you give more informations about your tips, proxpromo ?
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    Could you give more informations about your tips, proxpromo ?
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