Years ago I knew a guy who ran a very successful series of programming news sites 'ie VBWire, PHPwire' etc and that, Twitter and 'Fake News' has been bumping around my brain.

What about adding a new 'news' module, that perhaps initially could support Twitter. Perhaps it could follow specific feeds, and have a 'filter' function (for keywords' or specific hashtags, show media/hide media etc). It could have a vote up or vote down system, and maybe an alternate 'Likely Fake | Uncertain | Likely True' meter; you could allow the admin, any people he designates or the public to vote on the 'truth scale' and show real time results (like a poll).

This could tie into the rest of the AVCMS products depending on the theme of your site, and there is a big interest in vetting published news.

Maybe even clickable meter to expand ie

Rated: 75% Likely True by Our News Moderators 8 votes
100% True by Our KnowItAll Admin 1 vote
45% Possibly False by the Public 3625 votes
Weighted Rating: This item is 49% False/51% True and too close to call at this time.