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Thread: Translate the copyright text (copyright purchased)

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    Default Translate the copyright text (copyright purchased)

    Hello guys!

    I just purchased the copyright removal but is only remove part of the text. The "Copyright 2016 . All rights reserved..." and "All graphics, games, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors." don't remove.

    How do I do to translate these parts of footer?

    Obs: I already try to edit throught the frontend.twig but is is not worked.

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    None of that text comes from the script, have you used a 3rd party template?

    Wherever possible, please use the forum to ask for support rather than sending me a PM
    I help where I can with code changes/modification but overall: if the script doesn't do something you want it to do, please suggest it for a future update.

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