Hi there everyone. Today's update has some of the most requested improvements made over the last few months. Here's the change list:

• Add option to link to a game instead of embed it
• Add GamePix & HTMLGames.com game feeds
• Allow unregistered users to rate content
• Add “related” filter to modules for the main content types
• Add option for bigger thumbnails for YouTube videos
• Support MySQL in strict mode
• Support game downloads for zip, rar & exe files
• Add comma delimited filename tag when bulk importing images & wallpapers
• Add ability to filter content modules by users submitted content
• Add setting to force https on external asset URLs
• Add a page to get a list of all user email addresses
• Add blog RSS feed

• Show a clear message when the user tries to delete the only category
• Add the video submitter to the watch video page
• Fix the go to import button for images
• Fix too many wallpaper files in Wallpaper Previews sitemap
• Increase the size of the image sent to Facebook on image collections
• Fix the feed downloader attempting to download HTML5 games.
• Fix uploading files being case-sensitive over file extensions
• Fix the member list pagination overlapping some content
• Fix blog post ordering
• Fixes for editing templates on windows

These updates apply to AVCMS and all associated products (AV Arcade, Wallpaper Site Script etc).

As ever you can download the update from the admin panel (click check for updates from the cog menu) or the customer area.