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Thread: [SEO] Some things I would love to see back in AVCMS

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    Default [SEO] Some things I would love to see back in AVCMS

    Hello there,

    Note: Tons of Typo's currently I am at work.

    There are some features I would love to see into the upcomming versions of AVCMS. I will explain more if needed when I am at home.

    [Feature Ideas]
    * alt & title texts at urls and images.
    * Canonical URL's: On/Off
    * Async Javascript/CSS Loading
    * Possability to enter meta information seperately,
    * Google Webmasters/analytics intergration, (General information)
    * Addthis intergration,
    * Rich Snippets: On/Off (You can do manually trough google webmasters)
    * FaceBook comments instead of Disquss
    * Twitter oAuth... (How could you!)

    These features would help allot with on site SEO and lower the step for any one starting with SEO. Plus it would add better vistability because of addthis and Facebook comments.

    Alt and title texts... Google loves them!

    Canonical urls are very usefull in Arcade/Wallpaper/Video sites. It will help search engines out to know what when and how. And this will avoid allot of trafic from any search engine. Saves some bucks plus we get a higher ranking!

    Async loading of CSS and Java Scripts decreases site loading and google loves it because it avoids render blocking on devices.... which is WIN for every one!

    More control over meta data is a MUST for every one to craft their own custom descriptions. This avoids annoyance on google and if people spend an hour a day at it their sites will go MOON!

    Webmaster/Analytics: Usefull information less tabs in browser lets cluster FSCK on switching...

    AddThis is usefull for more social intergration... people can share your site more easily and get more trafffic from FaceBook and/or other social media sites.... WIN?

    Rich Snippets are usefull... also stared reviews/comments/likes would be great! Google loves it and gives a more astuning view on google! (Search without quotes "" and look around)

    Disqus does not get as much people towards your website instead of FaceBook... saves allot of spam too!

    Twitter oAuth.... logic? Yes.... allot of people concider Twitter as a great alternative with more privacy....

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    Thanks for all of your suggestions
    Wherever possible, please use the forum to ask for support rather than sending me a PM
    I help where I can with code changes/modification but overall: if the script doesn't do something you want it to do, please suggest it for a future update.

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    Your welcome,

    Personally I really hope they get implemented soon enough

    Typo's due phone

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