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    Hello there,

    Today I have finished my work on my personal Arcade Website using AVCMS 6 and the Kidsoo Template. AVCMS is a great and allot better experience compared to 5.8 and its quite worth it running on AVCMS 6 with Arcade Sites.

    What I have done to the site:
    - Installed AVCMS 6 + AVArcade,
    - Installed Kidsoo Template from Addicted2Web,
    - Tweaked / Modified some of the files that suits my needs,
    - Done on page SEO,
    - Made a suitable (custom) htaccess to suit my needs (mod_pagespeed, caching, image optimization / Every thing)



    ArcadeMug - For the amazing logo!
    Addicted2Web - For his amazing Template!
    Unity (Person) - For helping me puzzling out allot of stuff.
    Screaming Frog - For helping me out with on page SEO.
    Raven Tools - For letting audit the website.
    Creative Hosting - For their admiring thinking and hosting! (Yes I Volunteer there too!)

    Resources I've used:
    - Keyword Planner,
    - Screaming Frog,
    - Raven Tools,
    - ahrefs,
    - Semrush,
    - Open Site Explorer,
    - Moz
    - Majestic,
    - Excel,
    - Google Webmaster Tools,
    - Bing Web Master Tools,

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    Looks great. I'm thinking of upgrading to 6 myself.

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