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Thread: Andy is possible?

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    Default Andy is possible?

    At first must say amazing upgrade. great work... lot changes yayyy

    i miss on system from begining on crop system

    have one question
    some wallpaper interest
    is not just on left, center, right position.
    some wallpapers interest is at midle.

    we can cover now black dots
    hope there are some way to cover red dots

    here check image .

    Untitled - 1.jpg

    or even bether this one

    Untitled - 2.jpg

    where is code for crop? on image.php or any other file

    are there any cordinates or is working on url
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    Sorry I'm not sure I understand. You can already crop from the middle-center meaning the crop will be focused on the center of the image. Or am I misunderstanding?
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    i mean 25% from center to left or right. Now is option 50% from center to left or right

    this options will be good to crop mobile wallpapers specialy iphone 5 , 5s

    will make one example later on one wallpaper so you get me bether what i mean

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