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Thread: Image Site Script Released

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    Default Image Site Script Released

    Hi everyone,

    Today I'm launching Image Site Script, built on the same codebase that powers the new versions of AV Arcade & Wallpaper Site Script.

    You can find out more about it here:

    The image functionality is also available in the full version of AVCMS. For now, AVCMS only costs $20 more than buying Image Site Script but includes all the functionality of AV Arcade and Wallpaper Site Script in one. Plus I hope to add more content types in the future. So it's a very good deal right now, even if you only want the image functionality at the moment!

    Thanks everyone for your continued support,
    Wherever possible, please use the forum to ask for support rather than sending me a PM
    I help where I can with code changes/modification but overall: if the script doesn't do something you want it to do, please suggest it for a future update.

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