Latest update: 1.0.6: Minor bug fixes

Previous update:

AVCMS 1.0.5 (AV Arcade 6.0.5, Wallpaper Site Script 2.0.5)

This update refines categories & the hit-counter. It also polishes the images content type to fix some bugs.

  • Fixes and polish for images
  • Make the hit counter IP-based rather than session-based to try and get more accurate hits
  • Allow categories to me nested infinitely. Previously you could only have two levels of categories.
  • Allow core content models to be filtered by a specific category
  • Create category menu items that only contain the sub-categories of a given parent category
  • Fix emails for unregistered users doing a link exchange
  • Updated core framework components

The update can be downloaded through your admin panel. If it's not showing on your dashboard, hit the cog icon on the top-left and check for an update.