What's new?
Everything is new! AVA6 & WSS2 are complete rewrites, no code whatsoever from previous versions is reused.

What's really new?
AVCMS is totally responsive for a start, based on Bootstrap 3 for both the frontend and the admin panel. That means you can manage your site on your smartphone/tablet etc and visitors to your site get a website that looks good no matter what device they're using.

There's much more customisation and power given to the admin. You can complete customise the menus, creating your own links, reordering items, creating drop-down menus and more. With modules, you can customise exactly what you want to display on certain pages. For example, you can add whatever you like to the homepage or the website sidebar. You can add a pre-made module type like a list of games (with a ton of settings) or even add custom HTML or an advert. It's very flexible and maybe a little confusing without documentation, but that's coming later.

The admin panel is a serious redesign. Editing content like games & wallpapers takes place in a significantly improved column-based interface. Bulk actions like bulk delete, bulk publish and bulk feature make managing content much faster than previous versions.


  • Edit templates and css right in the admin panel
  • User groups and customisable permissions
  • More advanced referral system
  • Comments are nested (you can reply to other people)
  • Ratings are now Like/Dislike instead of 5-stars
  • New (all-responsive) templates, 4 in the beta
  • Blog system
  • Combined all game feeds into one page, with bulk-import
  • 'Contact Us' page
  • Many more settings in the admin panel

Alongside all the new stuff, the vast majority of previous features are retained and improved. The only features I've not put in the new version at this time is game submissions (
unnecessary with game feeds) and the AV Arcade friends functionality (may return before final release).

Games & Wallpapers in one?
This is mainly for testing purposes and likely won't be a combined product at first. What it does show though, is that AVCMS is completely modular meaning functionality like Games and Wallpapers can be combined into one script with just a few lines of code. This means all templates, mods and other features can be shared between both scripts (and future scripts!). I do plan to release AVCMS as a full-featured product that contains all functionality (think Games, Images, Videos, Wallpapers etc all in one) so you can create all kinds of websites with one script.

Lets have a look!
Here is a live website running the beta:

Current Beta: Beta 4
Thread: http://forum.avscripts.net/showthrea...0-AVCMS-Beta-4

You will see an error in the admin panel about the license, this is intentional. This is a beta and should not be used to set-up a proper website.

Import AVA 5.8 or WSS 1.3 content:

AVCMS is not a direct upgrade to older versions of AV Arcade & Wallpaper Site Script, content is instead imported. You can import your current site’s content by visiting:

/admin/ava-import for AV Arcade
- or -
/admin/wss-import for Wallpaper Site Script

Your existing AVA/WSS site will not be modified in any way. You will need to make a copy of your game/wallpaper files though, if you want to see them on the new site. More instructions can be found on the importer pages.

Thanks for checking out the new version in this early stage. Please post any feedback and bug reports you have.