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Thread: How to add Unity 3d games ?

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    Default How to add Unity 3d games ?

    Can anyone tell me please how can I add Unity 3d games to my website ? i think im doing it wrong.
    I downloaded an embed game from a website called crashdrive2.unity3d and uploaded to my website like i do for swf, but when i go play it it asks me to install Unity 3D while its already installed.
    I can play other Unity 3d games on other websites.
    Edit: (fixed)
    I had 0 on Dimensions, sorry lol
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    <embed type='application/vnd.unity' width='800' height='600' tabindex='0' disablecontextmenu='true' firstframecallback='unityObject.firstFrameCallback ();' src='' style='display: block; width: 800; height: 600;'>
    You can try!

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