After a bit of a delay I'm happy to release version 1.3 of Wallpaper Site Script with these improvements:

• Improved account and password security ⁃ Sessions saved more securely
⁃ Passwords encrypted using bcrypt rather than md5. Password is converted when a user next logs in.
⁃ Improved handling of “forgot my password”
⁃ Admin must re-authenticate to enter the admin panel even if “Remember me” is checked
• Added custom SMTP server support
• Import Wallpapers and Bulk Uploads now support sub-directories
• Hotlink prevention on image downloads
• Added setting to turn off all user related features (registration, comments etc)
• Added option to use Disqus comments instead of the built-in commenting system
• Added captcha’s to link exchange for unregistered users
• Warning added when an image can’t be imported due to corruption or missing meta data
• Fixed referrer id column in the users database from being limited to 127
• Fixed Facebook connect button temporarily glitching the layout when loading
• Fixes for division by zero PHP errors & other misc bug fixes.

You can download the new version from the customer area at: https://www.avscripts.net/store/customers/