AV Arcade 5.7.5 is now available in the customer area. It has a new feed from 2PG.com for a whole bunch of 2 player games. It also includes the previously paid-for templates "silk" and "alpha" alongside a number of bug fixes and improvements.

The full changelog:

  • Added new feed 2PG (2 Player Games)
  • New template’s “silk” & “alpha” (previously paid-for, now free)
  • Fixed feed games for the “Puzzle” category sometimes not going into the right category
  • Fixed some display in the manage users section
  • Fixed a rare error on the full screen html page
  • Fixed category URL’s being broken if two categories share the same name
  • Fixed errors showing if a an invalid page number is accessed in a category
  • Fixed random “w” character on avatar upload errors
  • Minor fixes to search
  • Added news title as page title when viewing a single news item
  • Added SEO URL file extension to the forums on the pages menu
  • Made flood control on comments more reliable
  • Fixed DCR games in game packs
  • Fixed total play limiter allowing one more play than it should
  • Made category name available to templates on the view_game page
  • Added sub-categories on the indigo template
  • Increased the memory limit on feeds
The feed will auto install when you first use it, so you don't need to run the AV Arcade installer if you're already on AV Arcade 5.7.x

Get it from the customer area at http://www.avscripts.net/store/customers