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Thread: Wallpaper Site Script 1.2.1 released

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    Quote Originally Posted by The One View Post
    We don't know that.

    Members in the past have come to the forum and asked for help and been asked to link their license which they have done but if we just assumed everyone was guilty then it could upset genuine people which didn't know or realise they had to link their license to get help from Andy and the community.

    Also what supporting evidence do you have that they are indeed using nulled version? Do you have a url or proof of that? That's why I just ask for people to link their license regardless of my thoughts. It won't upset genuine users.

    Innocent until proven guilty and I suggest to take that on board. Just shouting nuller even though 99% of us are thinking it doesn't set the right atmosphere, IMO. What if it turns out he is in fact a genuine user? See my point?
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    Hey Andy, I noticed that index keys are missing in WSS so thought I'd raise the issues so you can put it on your todo list.
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