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Thread: Adsense vs epicgameads

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    Default Adsense vs epicgameads

    What are you guys using at your sites? adsense or epicgameads?

    I think that adsense gives more money per click.

    Right now im using epic because of the rules at google with the adsense at flash games. But thinking of switching to adsense... but I have to read the rules then...

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    Adsense is of course the best, but I'd keep epic near games and perhaps for popunders.

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    Adsense won't make much money unless you put the ad in a good spot, such as the top of the page. Everything else is better to be EGA, since people are unlikely to scroll all the way to the bottom. So, basically, give google your best ad spot, then leave everything else to Epic Game Ads.

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