View Full Version : Who wants the forum from previous versions ported to avcms6?

12-10-2015, 04:50 PM
Well i was working on trying to get an sso login for a seperate forum script to work with AVCMS, but seeing as i am no coder, ande have little experience with that kind of thing. I for one would love to see Andy port the forum from previous versions into this new version. I am sure there is alot of work involved, so would most certainly pay for an addon such as this, who is with me on this? Even if you bought the previous version, i would say paying Andy for an all new version of the forums instead of asking for it for free would be the right thing to do. Gonna add a poll, and maybe if enough people are willing to pay for an addon such as this Andy would consider doing it :)

Merry Christmas everyone

12-10-2015, 05:52 PM
I wouldn't mind if it was $10-15 but not anymore than that. I would much rather it just be integrated into AVCMS for free or the addon could just be a bridge to integrate AVCMS with a already existing Forum script like MyBB.

12-10-2015, 07:35 PM
As much as it would be awesome if it was included in the script itself, i really wouldnt mind paying up to $20 for an addon as the previous version had. After trying to deal with sso login (as you suggested for mybb or similar) i realize how much work is involved in creating something like this. Andy was kind enough to give me well documented information on adding new bundles, but of course i am not a php guru by any means and dont want to mess up my current install messing around with it.

The only reason i made this is to see if there was any real interest from other users of teh AVCMS script, and maybe if people were willing to pay for it Andy may just bring it back, as i remember him posting about it when someone asked, and apparently in 5.8.x there was not a real demand for it apparently. Just looking for imput from other users on this, and perhaps if there is enough interest in paying a small fee for addons that may also bring more developers in as well to create other addons as well for this great script (ie: a shop addon maybe for spending points earned from the points system etc) but there has to be a demand i am sure like anything else for developers to create things such as that