View Full Version : Some more ideas and suggestions for the future

06-12-2015, 12:39 PM
hi Andy,

first of all I want to say, that the script is the best wallpaperscript, that I worked with until today (and I nearly had them all :cool:). I tested it now for some days on a local installation and everything works perfectly. Im really a little bit worried about this, it is too good to be true. ;). Nevertheless I would like to make some proposals for future versions, which also may be interesting for other webmasters:

1. It would be fine, if there would be the option to add a wallpaper to more than one category. If I upload an image of the Skyline of New York at sundown, I would like to put it in "Cities", "Travel", "Architecture" and "Sundowns" and not only in one of them.

2. Some images are not suited for all wallpaper formats. A close up of a butterfly may look very nice on 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, 5:4 and perhaps 1:1, but probably not for the smartphone formats. In this case it would be good to have the option to exclude some aspect ratios from cropping (stretching).

3. Would it be possible to extend the number of allowed characters to more than 300 within the "about" Area? I would need for another project at least 1.200 characters for this part.

4. Another nice feature for the profile area would be the option to enter, additionally to the website link, some links to user profiles on platforms like flickr, 500px, pixabay, picasa, instagram, facebook etc. (where photographers store their work.)

5. It would be also helpful if such links and profile information need a permission by the admins (also in case of changes) before they are published. I have made experience that there are some "users" who abuse profiles to link to adult or other problematic websites and this may cause legal issues.

Sorry for my bad Englisch. I hope you anyhow understand what is meant and that these suggestions might be useful for future updates of your script.